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(care, replacement, return, damage, etc.)

  • How can I change my shirt if it’s the wrong size?

    There are two ways. The easiest option is to fill in the replacement form included in the package and send the goods back to Geekshirts s.r.o. (Geekshirts.cz), Ve žlíbku 1800/77 – Hala B7, 193 00 Prague 20 – Horní Počernice.
    The second option is (if you’ve already thrown away the complaint form that you received in the package) write to us at support@fatowltees.com about your problem. Our colleagues respond promptly, even on weekends.

  • I would like a refund for the goods

    You don’t like the product, it doesn’t suit you or meet your expectations? We’ll refund your money. Just send the goods back undamaged, and not worn. Include the account number (or address in case of a postal order refund) that you wish the refunded money to be sent. Your money will be refunded within a week.

  • How long does it take for a replacement product when it doesn’t fit?

    We deal with the replacement as soon as the package with the goods and the complaint form is delivered, stating what you want to replace, and what you want to replace it with. If the replacement is urgent, just write to support@fatowltees.com and we’ll take care of everything.

  • Who pays the postage when I want replacement goods?

    We pay for the correction and the postage if you received different goods, different size or different colour. You pay the postage on products ordered and delivered correctly that really don’t suit you.

  • How soon must I return the purchased goods?

    A frequently asked question that can’t be unambiguously answered. According to law, within 14 days without giving a reason. However, it’s a little different in our country. If the product doesn’t fit you, or is an unwanted gift or simply isn’t what you expected, it can even be returned 3 months after ordering. If it isn’t a customised product (T-shirt, hoodie), that is, according to your print design, and hasn’t been washed, worn, or otherwise damaged.

  • I’m missing details in my order

    Haven’t receive an information order email? Haven’t you received a confirmation text message with an order tracking number? Just write to support@fatowltees.com, with the subject being your order number. You can find it in your profile. If you made the purchase without registration, just add your name as the subject and your question as the message.

  • The print was damaged after washing!

    Even if we’re surprised by it, it can sometimes happen. Even though 99% of our prints are almost non-fading, a ‘reject’ can appear. In this case, just send a photo of the washed product and we’ll automatically send a new one at our expense. However, we recommend washing at maximum 30 °C.

  • I found damage on the shirt

    Does a thread stick out of the T-shirt? Is there a small hole? Contact us by email at support@fatowltees.com with a photo of the damage and we’ll automatically send a new T-shirt at our expense.

  • The T-shirt has a defective print

    Is there a defective print on your T-shirt? Or is the shirt print visibly wrong? Send us an email at support@fatowltees.com with a photo of the print/damage and we’ll automatically send a new T-shirt at our expense.

  • s How do I take care of the goods?

    The best way to take care of a T-shirt is the same as of any other T-shirt that’s in your wardrobe. If you can, wash it inside-out and at 30 °C. However, if this fails, nothing serious should happen according to the suppliers. Both with the print and the T-shirt. This also applies to hoodies, tops, etc.

  • I didn’t receive stickers in the package

    Don’t even tell us. If our colleague finds out, she will be frowning all day long at whoever didn’t add it to the package:). However, if this happens, write to us to request them or a small discount on your next purchase. There was a gentleman who ‘negotiated’ a 15% discount :-)

  • What are the sizes of T-shirts?

    The sizes of all products are described in the sizes table. You can open the table when selecting specific sizes or in the website’s left panel.

  • I haven’t added my phone or filled it in wrong. Can a courier find me?

    Nothing happens in the case of delivery by Czech Post. However, if the delivery is by PPL, GLS, UPS or Zásilkovna, it’s necessary to send us the phone to support@fatowltees.com with your order number or with your name at least, so that we can match it in the system.

  • I haven’t receive a confirmation email with the order

    This can also happen and it isn’t unusual. The server may not be 100%; the error may also be caused by clicking elsewhere by mistake. Just write us at support@fatowltees.com and we’ll re-send the email. Therefore, you’ll be able to keep track of your order.

  • Is it possible to buy a gift voucher?

    A gift voucher can be purchased in the value of 17,99 € (value of one T-shirt) here: https://www.geekshirts.cz/motivy/kupon/darkovy-poukaz/ and is valid for 3 months from the purchase date.

  • My gift voucher doesn’t work

    If your gift voucher can’t be redeemed, either a) its time limit has expired, b) capital letters are incorrectly entered, or c) we don’t know. Email us at support@fatowltees.com and we’ll send you a new voucher.

  • Where should I enter my gift voucher?

    The voucher code can be entered into the system manually during payment. The box for that is right next to the button for completing your purchase. If everything goes as it should, a discount in the voucher’s value is created in the left column.


(conditions, forms, problems, etc.)

  • How do special web offers work?

    Fotowltees.com is full of special offers. Special offers are usually determined at the opening banner on the website, which correlates with the information banner in the basket. If it’s still on the top bar.

  • Do you have free shipping?

    Free shipping is also ‘turned on’ by banners reporting that shipping is really free. Banners can be seen on the geekshirts.cz home page or in your basket. You can’t miss the banners. The amount of shipping is 0 € for all forms of transport on the payment page.

  • How do I get 2+1 or 3+2 free product?

    Just add the products into the basket in the required sizes and the price 0 € (free) will appear for products under special offer.

  • If I buy a T-shirt with a question mark, can I replace it?

    A T-shirt with a question mark can be replaced, but the postage always has to be paid by the person making the order/replacement since it’s a special offer T-shirt and its price is really low. Size and design can be changed.
    If you want to change the size with the same design, it may happen that your desired size may no longer be in stock. In this case, a different (or random) design will be offered.

  • Can I add any T-shirt?

    You can add any T-shirt for free within the special offers regularly taking place on the website. It’s always good to follow the banner which determines the conditions of that particular special offer.

  • I forgot to add a free T-shirt

    If the warning bar with the information ‘You can add a free T-shirt’ was overlooked, contact us at support@fatowltees.com with the order number and we’ll include the T-shirts that should be free within the special offer into your package.


(forms, payments, transport, etc.)

  • How do I choose my size and gender when making a purchase?

    It’s easy to follow the steps for a specific product. 1. Select gender (male/female); the image will be loaded by gender. 2. Choose your size and just add it to your basket.

  • Can I have a T-shirt made with my own design?

    Sure, there is that possibility. The whole project is also based on our own production (screen printing shop, digital machines and thermal presses). The price of this type of T-shirts is around 25 € including VAT. Individual requests can be calculated via info support@fatowltees.com.

  • What range of products do you have?

    The most widespread product is undoubtedly a printed T-shirt. We try and add new designs every week. Hoodies, tanks, long sleeve T-shirts, children’s bodysuits, cushions and stickers can also be purchased on the website.

  • How can I pay my order?

    Orders can be paid in five different ways: a) Cash on delivery, i.e., to the courier on the spot in cash or by card; b) Bank transfer – account number: 2800781932/2010 (Fio); c) PayPal; d) GoPay; e) Twisto method.

  • What are the delivery options and their price?

    Delivery by the UPS for 7,99 € with VAT.

  • What are the delivery times?

    Maximum delivery time is 3 working days. The Christmas holidays is the exception, when times are extended up to 5 working days. If the delivery time is longer, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at support@fatowltees.com.

  • Where can I find the status of my order?

    Information about your order status is clearly visible in the profile under your username. If you’re not a registered customer, our automated system will contact you by email and then the courier.

  • What does it mean if the order is ‘accepted’?

    An order with an ‘accepted’ status is in the process of printing and packaging. In the event that it changes to ‘sent’, it’s on its way to you through one of the courier services. If you enter your phone number, the courier will inform you with a tracking number and collection of your parcel.

  • How long does it take for a payment to be credited to your account?

    A payment is automatically matched with the variable symbol of your order number. So, the order is paid when it’s credited to our account through a bank transfer, PayPal or GoPay. A manual check is also performed if the variable symbols can’t be matched.

  • Is it possible to pay by card?

    Yes, we have that option on the website. It’s mediated by GoPay. When you choose to pay, GoPay automatically redirects you to filling in. Everything is secured and verified. GoPay uses 128-bit TLS 1.0 and higher cipher for your secure communication.


(designs, graphic designers, affiliate, social networks, etc.)

  • Can I work with you and how?

    If you fancy working with us, don’t hesitate. We’re already working with several of you in an affiliate programme to promote the project. Another cooperation possibility is in graphic activities. Several graphic designers contribute regularly for 10% commission on the sale of their products. The approval of graphics and the possibility of cooperation can be arranged via email at support@fatowltees.com.

  • We are a charity and we want your T-shirts

    For several years we’ve been cooperating with the Země lidí (Land of People) organisation which takes care of disabled children. They go on various trips and make their days nicer. We also try to help a camp with ADHD and, last but not least, we support paediatric oncology at Motol Hospital. Although, there is never enough help and if we have enough strength, we’re open to similar future actions.

  • Where does the inspiration for your T-shirts come from?

    Our fans and customers usually send us ideas for T-shirts. They consist of general one-liners that circulate in various forms on forums, discussions, or social networks. Our graphic designers take a one-liner and turn it into an original form. Another option we have at geekshirts.cz (geekz.sk/ fatowltees.com) is designs illustrated by external graphic designers. Undoubtedly, the biggest contributors include Rax (CZ), Jordy (SK), Tomáš Teslík (CZ), Annie Carter (CZ). But it’s not only Czech or Slovak illustrators. We regularly try to buy designs from foreign graphic designers such as Afif Quilimo from Indonesia, Valentin from Romania, Chicano Design from Hong Kong and others.

  • What’s your bestseller? A design that people really like the most?

    The bestseller is undoubtedly Call of Cthulhu. Since it was sent to our website by illustrator Jordy, it has become an incredible bestseller.

  • Can I count on you?

    The Geekshirts.cz project is a continuation of the Geekshirts.cz – Design Your Own T-shirt project. That was in 2007. The Geekshirts.cz shop first saw the light of day online in July 2010. Since then we’ve had about 50,000 satisfied customers. The Heuréka portal regularly holds a ‘gold recommendation’ and a value of 97–98%.

  • I am really satisfied with the goods and they pleased not only me

    Recommend, like, share or write a short blog about us basically anywhere. We would like you to write a few words about us on the Heuréka portal (you will receive an evaluation email after 10 days from ordering). You can like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Geekshirts.cz/) or just occasionally take a look at Instagram where we are also very active, mostly with news on the website (https://www.instagram.com/geekshirtscz/).

  • I have a Blog / YouTube channel / Facebook page and I want to work with you

    We’re not only happy to cooperate on social networks but also in the form of your own blogs or videos on YT. Most often in barter form. This means that for we’ll send you the agreed number of T-shirts / hoodies of your choice for the provided service.

  • I won a contest, where should I send my data?

    You’ll find competitions or special offers regularly on our social networks. If you become lucky enough to receive a voucher, T-shirt, hoodie or anything for free, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send us an email or a private message on geekshirts.cz Facebook. We’ll generate a free purchase voucher via email, whereby the code is entered at the time of payment. It reduces the product’s final price.

  • Can I trust your business?

    Our shop is recommended by 97–99% of customers at the Heuréka portal. The shop has been rated by over 5,000 people and has been awarded ‘Golden Customer Verification’.

  • Links on the website don’t work

    If a link becomes inactive or not working and refers to an error window, please feel free to contact us. We’ll thank you for your feedback with a possible discount. :-)

  • You have an error on your site

    If you find spelling, grammar, stylistic or any other mistake, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@fatowltees.com and expect a nice discount on your purchase.